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Auto Safety Group Pushes for Nissan Safety Recall over Automatic Brakes

After multiple information requests and lawsuits from auto safety groups, Nissan revealed that it was aware of 1,400 reports on the Nissan Rogue’s faulty Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) systems.

The AEB systems installed in 2017–2018 Nissan Rogue vehicles would randomly brake, even if there were no obstacles in front of the vehicles. Sometimes, the Nissan Rogue vehicles would inadvertently brake on railroad tracks.

Nissan revealed its knowledge of the 1,400 reports after the Center for Auto Safety filed a Freedom of Information Act request and appeal, and subsequently sued Nissan multiple times, according to the Center’s press release.

The Center had filed a March 2019 petition to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Nissan’s faulty AEB systems.

The petition was based on 87 complaints. Six months later, NHTSA revealed 800 complaints on the AEB systems’ false activation.

Nissan issued a service campaign on August 2019, which Nissan claims resulted in a 50% repair rate. However, the Center criticized the service campaign on the basis that the automaker can charge for repairs under a service campaign, there is no notification requirement for automakers to consumers, and automakers are not required to keep long-term reports of repair rates.

Source: Center for Auto Safety (Press Release)

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