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If you find yourself stuck with a lemon car—a vehicle with persistent defects that impair its safety, value, or use—it’s crucial to know your rights and seek legal assistance from a lemon law firm. Our Lemon Law attorneys in San Bernardino County are here to guide you through the process, ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve.



What To Know About The California Lemon Law

What is the Lemon Law, and how does it protect consumers?

The Lemon Law is designed to safeguard consumers who unknowingly purchase defective vehicles. If your car experiences repeated issues despite reasonable attempts to repair them during the warranty period, you may be entitled to a refund or a replacement vehicle. Our Lemon Law lawyers specialize in navigating these complex cases, advocating for your rights against manufacturers and dealerships.

Why should I consult a Lemon Law attorney in San Bernardino County?

Consulting a specialized lemon car lawyer is crucial to ensure your case is handled with expertise. Our attorneys understand the intricacies of California’s Lemon Law and have extensive experience dealing with specific instances in San Bernardino County. We can provide tailored advice, navigate local legal nuances, and build a solid case to maximize your chances of a successful resolution.

How do I know if my car qualifies under the Lemon Law?

Suppose your vehicle experiences repeated issues covered by the warranty, and the manufacturer or dealership has been unable to fix them after a reasonable number of attempts. In that case, your car may qualify under the lemon law. Our auto Lemon Law attorneys can evaluate your case, guide you through the documentation process, and determine the best action to pursue compensation.

What types of compensation can I seek under the Lemon Law?

Depending on the circumstances, you may be eligible for a refund, a replacement vehicle, or monetary compensation for your troubles. Our Lemon Law car lawyers will assess your case’s details, ensuring you pursue the most appropriate and favorable outcome.

How do I initiate a Lemon Law claim in San Bernardino County?

Initiating a Lemon Law claim involves gathering documentation of repair attempts, notifying the manufacturer or dealership, and working within specific timelines. Our experienced car lemon lawyers will guide you through each step, handling communication with the involved parties and advocating for your rights throughout the process.

Consult a Lemon Law Attorney in San Bernardino County

Don’t let a lemon car sour your driving experience. Our Lemon Law attorneys in San Bernardino County are ready to assist. Schedule a consultation today to understand your rights, explore your options, and take the first step toward resolving your dilemma. With our expertise, you can navigate the legal complexities and get the compensation you deserve.

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Our Lemon Law Clients

"The whole experience with Knight Law Group was awesome! Everyone I encountered was very helpful. Jonathan was awesome at explaining every detail about the settlement. Alejandra Dickerson was lots of help! She always responded in a timely manner and was always willing to assist me with any questions. Definitely worth the wait!"

Michelle G., Fontana, CA

“I called Knight Law Group in regard to my 2017 F-250. The first person I spoke to was Hazel and she explained everything clearly so I understood. She was helpful, responsive, informative and patient. I'm glad I chose this law firm.”

Jason B., Chino Hills, CA

"I purchased a new Nissan Sentra in September. The car seemed great I had no complaints up until about 3 months after my purchase. They were little problems at first. Radio, navigation system, then transmission. I was constantly taking my car into Nissan to have my problems fixed, which they never were. I was starting to get worried because I was dealing with 'used car' problems while paying for a new car. [...] I never knew about the lemon law until an Aunt of mine recommended I give this firm a call. This was around August. From my first call with Alfredo I felt like I was finally getting some real help. I had doubt about having a solid case but Alfredo assured me I did. This made me extremely happy !! All I ever had to do was sign and email paper work and of course the hardest of all sit back and wait. Through the entire process I was always kept updated by the staff. Charles, Seth, Cynthia and Clem all were a huge help. They never hesitated to answer all my questions and keep me informed. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE !!

I definitely recommend contacting them if you are in need of help with your Lemon. Just keep in mind it is a long process but completely worth it in the end. My case finally settled! Complete buy back and check refunding me. To the entire team- Thank you all for the enormous help through this entire process !! I am very grateful for everything you guys have done. You guys are awesome !! :)

Alejandra N, Ontario, CA

"Our experience with them began with a letter we received from them in early 2016. The letter offered for them to potentially represent us in legal proceedings against American Honda Motors for the airbag inflator issue on our 2010 CR-V. We had received recall notices for first the driver's and then six months later for the passenger's side inflators from Honda but the parts were unavailable. We were never told by Honda that we could get a loaner vehicle until the parts were available since our vehicle was a potential death trap if we were in an accident. We finally contacted them in September, 2016. Everyone who we worked with at this firm was professional and explained what was needed from us to proceed with a Lemon Law lawsuit against Honda including what the potential settlement might look like if we prevailed in court. They also explained how long the process would take and kept us posted with updates. We had all of the documentation and names and dates of our interactions with Honda which is essential if you ever need to take legal action.

Early this year (2018) Crystal Rivas called me with Honda's settlement offer which far exceeded our expectations! The offer included Honda buying back our CR-V including the finance charges from Honda Financial plus an additional cash settlement. Compare that to Honda's class action offer of $500 cash if an owner wanted to be included in that class settlement. We were delivered our settlement check today and we are extremely pleased! We worked with Rene Gomez, Yvette Ybarra, Hector Almeyda, Maria Estrada-Lopez, Seth Manders, Melissa Garcia and finally Crystal Rivas and they were all fantastic!"

Michael M., Chino, CA

“Where do I start? I called the firm to see if there was even a chance for my case to happen. The result was a full buy back and money left to get what my wife deserved. Charles, Seth, and Janelle went above and beyond to assure that the experience was worth the effort. Keep up the good work because those of us who feel powerless need to feel like we have a voice."

Stephen I, San Bernardino, CA
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