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Ford Fiesta PowerShift Transmission Problems

ford vehicleFord Fiesta transmission problems have plagued thousands of consumers for about a decade. Ford’s DPS6 PowerShift transmission was installed in 2012–2016 Ford Focus and 2011–2016 Ford Fiesta cars, and the transmission defects prompted multiple lawsuits and a federal investigation. According to several articles by the Detroit Free Press, Ford management ignored the concerns of Ford’s engineers and willingly released to the public a transmission that jerked, shuttered and made driving unsafe.

Despite media reporting and numerous payouts for old Focus and Fiesta owners, Ford continued to equip 2017–2019 Ford Fiesta cars with a similar PowerShift automatic transmission.

It turns out, these later Ford Fiesta models experience the same or similar problems that the previous Ford Fiesta cars had. We have collected complaints submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which reveal the striking similarities between these eras of transmission defects.

Please note that the complaints on the Ford Fiesta transmission issues have been edited for grammar and clarity.

2017 Ford Fiesta

The car jerks and shutters when pressing on the gas. The car loses power and will not go over 40-50 miles [per hour], which is very dangerous when driving on the interstate. The car is not changing gear properly.

2017 Ford Fiesta

On occasion while backing up steep at home driveway (approx. 15-20 degrees), the transmission slips out of gear and rolls forward. [I] step on brake immediately and [it] instantly shifts back into reverse. [This] has happened 3-5 times since vehicle was new.

2018 Ford Fiesta

Vehicle [was] driving on interstate when a vibration was felt through the steering wheel, then the vehicle started lose power. Gear shift still in drive, engine still running and [it] coasted to a stop on side of highway. Vehicle was rear ended. [I] found out that the left drive axle had become disconnected at the transmission end. When this happens, the [SUV] has no way to maintain a safe speed.

2018 Ford Fiesta

While driving, the automatic transmission shutters when going into second gear and stalls before accelerating. Sometimes, the car won’t start and it’s not related to the battery or the starter. It also had a purge valve replacement three months after purchase. A few months later, I had to replace it again. This time it wasn’t under warranty. I purchased this car brand new in 2018 and it had all these issues in 2018, and October of 2019 is when the transmission began to shutter.

2019 Ford Fiesta

My 2019 Ford Fiesta automatic [transmission] does not shift gears properly, my car would not reverse and therefore caused a small fender bender. It has no speed and runs rough.

2019 Ford Fiesta

The vehicle has a problem with the PowerShift automatic transmission. It’s very sluggish when shifting. When you tap the accelerator with your foot after being at a stop sign, the car jolts like previous year and models of this car.

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