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Ford Focus PowerShift Transmission Problems

ford vehicleFord Focus owners have been plagued with recurring automatic transmission problems for almost a decade. Ford’s DSP6 PowerShift transmission, first installed in 2012–2016 Ford Focus and 2011–2016 Ford Fiesta cars, had numerous engineering flaws and defects that its resulting problems caused several lawsuits and a federal investigation. The class action lawsuits included in several payouts to affected Ford Focus and Fiesta owners.

Despite the public attention on Ford’s faulty PowerShift transmissions, the automaker continued to install them in 2017–2018 Ford Focus cars. However, Ford did not continue to sell later Ford Focus model years in the United States. These 2017–2018 Ford Focus cars still experienced transmission problems, which prompted complaint submissions to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

We have collected these complaints, which reveal the striking similarities between these eras of transmission defects. Please note that the complaints on the Ford Focus transmission issues have been edited for grammar and clarity.

2017 Ford Focus

The transmission in this car has burned a clutch up at 30k miles and replaced by Ford after having to twist their leg to do it. 10k miles later, it was slipping again. Currently it is at 70k miles and the clutch is going out again. Ford refuses to take responsibility for this faulty transmission since it is a 2017 model and not included in the class action suit for the model just a year prior, although it is the same transmission. The slipping, stalling and jerking is a danger when pulling out into traffic and I hope it does not cause me to get in an accident and have to sue them for even more than I need to sue them for now for selling me faulty unsafe junk that doesn’t last and puts my family’s life at risk.

2017 Ford Focus

My clutch causes the car to stutter when accelerating. My focus has already had a clutch replacement under warranty. I am now at 76k miles and my car has started stuttering again.

2017 Ford Focus

My transmission has been slipping ever since I bought it a year ago in 2020. It is a 2017 Ford Focus. A few days ago, it started making occasional whining sounds. I drove to work and the engine light came on, and it wouldn’t start. Mechanic got it started, moving shifter and rolling it a bit. I drove to shop and they said [it was a] transmission problem. My friend showed me her 2015 [extended] warranty on [the transmission] clutch. Ford must not have fixed the problem. I also rode in a 2018 today, which she said was also slipping. Do we need another lawsuit?

2017 Ford Focus

The transmission shudders when accelerating from fully stopped, such as when departing from a stop light or stop sign. It also shudders when accelerating from low speed, such as coming out of a parking lot and accelerating after slowly turning onto a street. The entire car shakes as it tries to pick up speed. This happens whether the engine is cold or warm. I have read dozens upon dozens of identical accounts from other 2017 Ford Focus owners. Something is inherently wrong with the powertrain system throughout the fleet and the manufacturer should fix the problem.

2018 Ford Focus

Every so often when I step on the gas to accelerate, the car sort of shudders. I’ve had this problem with the car before and knew it was the transmission. I’ve also had transmission problems with the car I had previous to this one, which was a 2014 Ford Focus. I have been told that this is normal for transmissions to act this way, but it has happened way too often to be normal.

2018 Ford Focus

Hi, I took my car into the dealership for the transmission and they told me that the 2018 Ford Focus has the same clutch as the old 2012–2016 Ford Focuses and that they’ll change the clutch and that there is no real fix. I saw that the 2012–2016 Ford Focus has a recall for the transmission. However, the 2018 doesn’t have a recall through the NHTSA and it is the same transmission, and that the dealer says people need to notify the NHTSA as it is a recurring problem, and that they change many clutches and transmissions on the 2017–2018, and that the problem keeps persisting the same as the 2012–2016 models. The transmission will slip from first to second gear, the steering wheel vibrates, and the transmission will also grind while driving.

2018 Ford Focus

The vehicle stutters and hesitates when taking off or going around corners. I have panicked several times wondering if I was going to get hit by someone when the vehicle hesitates and stutters. It’s so pronounced that it feels like the tires bounce. I have been complaining about this to two Ford dealers and also Ford Motor Company for a very long time and have taken it in 2-3 times to look at the transmission and was told it was not covered, nor was there a recall. I do know this is an ongoing issue with this transmission.

2018 Ford Focus

My car started shaking when taking off. Looking into it I found out it is a known problem with a bad transmission that is the Ford Focus. It was recalled in previous years, but Ford said they fixed it in the new models. I can’t afford to take it to a shop to have it replaced so I just have to drive it hoping it gets recalled before my transmission goes out. The problem is with the transmission it shudders from 1-2 gear. They were forced to recall the manual version because of this problem, but not the automatic as of yet. When the car is off and in PARK, you can turn the tire back and forth and hear the gears clanging back and forth in the transmission, which is not normal. […] It happens every time I drive it.

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