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Ford Recalls Bronco Sport, Maverick For Loss of Motive Power

Ford is recalling certain 2021–2023 Bronco Sport and 2022–2023 Maverick vehicles because failure to detect low battery could result in a loss of drive power.

The recall affects 456,565 Ford Bronco Sport and Maverick vehicles. The body and powertrain control modules sometimes fail to detect a change in the 12-volt battery state of charge. An inability to detect low battery power or battery failure could lead to a loss of motive power or an inability to restart the vehicle.

So far, Ford is aware of at least 917 warranty reports, 11 field reports, and 54 customer complaints related to the loss of motive power. Ford and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are aware of 3 unverified reports of vehicle fires and 2 property damage claims.

Ford Battery Complaints

Multiple owners of Ford Bronco Sport and Ford Maverick vehicles submitted complaints to NHTSA, alleging issues with batteries and electrical systems.

“I drove my 2022 Bronco to the local car wash, after washing my vehicle the vehicle would not start. I realized it was the battery when no electronics were turned on. This occurred in the mid afternoon, and I was fortunate to be parked in an area that was busy. Had this occurred at night this would not be a safe area to be in alone and for a female. I contacted AAA for a jump and also Taylor Ford so that I could bring the vehicle into them to look at the battery. They put the vehicle on their machine and stated nothing was wrong with the battery. I was advised to lock the doors when I park the vehicle after use. This may resolve the issue. The battery was once again dead. I put the battery on a charger and contacted Taylor Ford about the situation. I brought it back and they stated I would have to make an appointment. The delay is over a month for me to get into them to look at the problem. The vehicle sends a message in Ford Pass that it is going into sleep mode which indicates that the battery is starting to weaken. This issue with the battery puts me in a situation which may eventually cause me to be stranded and at risk for my safety if this occurs in an isolated area. I have done research and found a lot of Ford vehicles are having the same issues with the battery and no resolution outside of replacing the battery with the same reoccurrences over time.”

– NHTSA: 11581408, 2022 Ford Bronco Sport

“Battery installed is bad. Different operations were not working properly and I was afraid could stall out in traffic or leave me stranded. Dealership diagnosed it as bad, but now Ford is not acknowledging it is an issue and covering rentals to fix. I have seen many complaints about the Ford Bronco Sport tearing through batteries before their time. Mine was less than a year and a half old and less than 6,000 miles at the time the battery was acting up.”

– NHTSA: 11549486, 2022 Ford Bronco Sport

“I took it to the dealer for a recall with a PCM programming. After that, I drove it for a few days and the car came to a sudden halt on the freeway. Luckily the cars behind me did not hit me but it is a safety concern and the dealerships are not able to find the problem.”

– NHTSA: 11580482, 2023 Ford Maverick

Ford Recall Timeline

On October 25, 2023, the NHTSA’s Office of Defects Investigation requested information on 2021 Bronco Sport vehicles’ loss of motive power and loss of 12-volt accessories.

Vehicle owner questionnaires provided by NHTSA found that most customers’ issues were solved by a 12-volt battery replacement.

Ford investigated the issue from November 2023 through January 2024, evaluating field returns and warranty data on the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport’s 12-volt batteries and low voltage systems. From December 2023 through March 2024, another internal team conducted tests and teardowns of the vehicles’ batteries in different conditions and levels of charge.

Ford found that the vehicles can lose power when the body and powertrain control modules are unable to detect low battery power and the alternator cannot keep up when electrical load demand or an Auto Stop-Start event is initiated.

At the end of January, the ODI launched a preliminary investigation into the issue.

Ford Recall Remedy

Ford recall notices are expected to be mailed May 13, 2024. Ford dealers will recalibrate the body control module and the powertrain control module. The recalibration will improve detection of changes in the 12-volt battery’s state of charge, inhibit Auto Stop-Start events if the battery’s state of charge is low, and notify the driver if the battery is degraded. It will also increase the alternator output threshold so that the vehicle can keep running even if the battery’s state of charge is low.

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