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Nissan 9-Speed Transmission Stalling Problems

Nissan’s 9-speed automatic transmissions installed in 2020–2021 Nissan Titan and Nissan Frontier vehicles allegedly cause hesitation, vehicle jerking, lurching and shifting problems. As a result, the acceleration problems put these Nissan drivers at an increased risk of crashing into another vehicle or getting rear-ended.

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The lawsuit reports the following problems in 2020–2021 Nissan Titan and Nissan Frontiers:

  • Hesitation while accelerating
  • Hard or abrupt downshifting
  • Vehicle jerking
  • Vehicle lurching
  • Clunking noises while shifting

If your 2020–2021 Nissan Titan or Nissan Frontier is showing any of these listed transmission problems, you may be included in this class action lawsuit.

Lemon Law Help has received numerous reports of 2020–2021 Nissan Titan and 2020–2021 Nissan Frontier drivers experiencing rough shifting, hesitation and other problems with Nissan’s 9-speed automatic transmission. If you would like to opt out of one or more class action lawsuits and pursue an individual lemon law claim, call us at 877-217-7676 for a free consultation.


Nissan marketed this 9-speed automatic transmission as providing “more torque to the rear wheels in a given gear” and allowing for “smoother operation” and “smoother, improved acceleration” in Nissan Titans. Specifically, Nissan advertised the GE9R01A transmission as having a more precise “upshift” and a reduced delay in downshift time.

In its marketing of Nissan Frontiers, Nissan claims that the 9-speed automatic transmission “is designed to maximize powertrain efficiency and provide enhanced acceleration feel.”


Since at least 2019, Nissan allegedly knew about the 9-speed transmission defect. According to the lawsuit, Nissan has issued four technical service bulletins (TSBs), or internal documents instructing dealers on proposed fixes to common vehicle problems. The technical service bulletins are as follows:

  • November 5, 2020: Model year 2020 Nissan Frontier and 2020–2021 Nissan Titan vehicles with 9-speed automatic (GE9R01A) transmissions. The TSB provides instructions for replacing the transmission’s valve body, but not the actual defect.
  • April 6, 2021: Model year 2020 Nissan Titan and Titan X vehicles with 9-speed automatic (GE9R01A) transmissions. These vehicles are reported to experience “hesitation in acceleration during a rolling stop,” delayed acceleration when accelerating from a stop and delayed upshifting. Dealers are instructed to perform a software update and reprogram the transmission control module and engine control module.
  • August 6, 2021: Model year 2020–2021 Nissan Frontiers reportedly experience hesitation and/or “shift shock” during acceleration and deceleration. Dealers are instructed to reprogram the transmission control module.
  • September 14, 2021: Model year 2020–2021 Nissan Titan and 2020–2021 Nissan Frontier vehicles with 9-speed automatic transmissions may have the automatic transmission check warning light illuminated. If this happens, dealers are instructed to reprogram the transmission control module.

However, owners of 2020–2021 Nissan Titan and Nissan Frontier vehicles allege that they still experience the transmission problems even after dealers update the software for the transmission control module. In particular, owners of 2021 Nissan Titan vehicles report that Nissan dealers fail to repair their vehicles and “no repair attempt is even available regarding their vehicles.”

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