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Nissan Murano And Common CVT Transmission Problems

A white SUV is parked in an empty field, off road. Many 2015–2021 Nissan Murano SUVs still face recurring safety issues with its continuously variable (CVT) transmissions.Transmission concerns rank among the top Nissan Murano problems that consumers experience. Aside from the interior, Nissan Murano transmissions are the most likely component to break down. Owners and lessees of Nissan Murano SUVs have reported several recurring CVT transmission problems, including lurching, acceleration issues, vehicle overheating and premature transmission failure.

Recurring Nissan CVT transmission problems have prompted class action lawsuits across several Nissan models and model years. Many 2015–2021 Nissan Murano SUVs still face recurring safety issues with its CVT transmissions, with some consumers reporting that Nissan failed to troubleshoot these problems.

To provide a glimpse into the issues plaguing the Nissan Murano CVT transmission, we have compiled a sample of complaints submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Please note that the complaints on the Nissan Murano transmission have been edited for grammar and clarity.

2015 Nissan Murano

I took the vehicle to a Nissan dealer for a regular oil change (service light on). The vehicle had a couple of hesitations, somewhat like having water in the gas. After stopping and then taking off, the hesitation occurred. Nissan checked and the transmission has to be replaced-only 46,000 miles on car? […] If Nissan is having this problem with these transmissions, they should be automatically replacing them. The vehicle is currently at the Nissan dealer, waiting for the new transmission.

2015 Nissan Murano

Multiple transmission issues. Stuttering and jerking at low speed, especially on a slight grade going up. Loss of power from a stop. Slipping when going into gear then jerking. Shift points appear to be erratic. Probably came on slowly but only got to a dangerous or problematic point near the end of the warranty period. Noticed it badly when attempting to pull out into traffic and almost got side swiped.

2015 Nissan Murano

The CVT transmission is a classic Nissan failure. I have taken the car multiple times to my local Nissan dealer. 1st time, they replaced a faulty valve body. 2nd time they reprogrammed the software. 3rd time they did a vibration software update. Still shudders in lower gears, still has a vibration while idle, but they claim that their technicians “can’t feel it” or that they “can’t get the car to duplicate.” Ridiculous. They know the transmission is faulty and they don’t want to foot the bill.

2016 Nissan Murano

The contact owns a 2016 Nissan Murano. After driving various speeds for more than thirty minutes, the vehicle suddenly became unresponsive when the accelerator pedal was depressed. The RPMs increased, but the speed did not. Also, the check engine indicator illuminated. The vehicle was taken to [a Nissan dealer] where it was diagnosed that the transmission was faulty. The transmission was replaced and the failure was remedied. In addition, the windshield wiper pump would become clogged with debris and failed to operate correctly. The manufacturer was notified of the failure, but no solution was offered. The failure mileage was 89,000.

2017 Nissan Murano

This has happen numerous times. The transmission, a CVT, has big problems that has caused my wife and I great concern. When we go to take off, we really have to step down on the peddle because of traffic flow. We have semi’s traveling on our road and other roads. When this occurred the first time after purchasing the car, we thought it was bad gas, but since then we have been in critical situations because the transmission is not working.

The transmission in question is very unsafe in this vehicle; it almost stops for a few seconds. We have seconds away from 18 wheelers crashing into us, or cars where you have to pull out in traffic. What bothers me is my wife drives this vehicle at least once a day, sometimes with my daughter, and grandson. Where we live, big trucks hauling wood to the paper mill have almost crashed into us on numerous occasions, same with cars. Some are even showing road rage when my wife is minding her own business, and same with me.

This problem has caused us to know that the transmission is doing this on a regular basis. When the car is in motion, we have even been put in the medium because of this CVT problem, and we believe by looking on the web now, and asking the mechanic we always use has said the same.

We have had this car since July 2018. We know now it isn’t bad gas, or the injectors needing clean, or the transmission oil needing change. We however know that with this safety problem, it will be just a matter of time (if not us but) someone driving this type of vehicle will either get hurt, or may start causing people to die.

We live right off of a two-lane road. Sometimes it is when we are pulling out, sometimes when we are going on the expressway way, sometimes when passing slower traffic, or on a city intersection. It acts at first like the engine is going to stall, seconds count in driving, we don’t feel safe in this car anymore.

2017 Nissan Murano

In 9,000 miles, I’ve had this occur 3 times. Immediately after turning – straightening out, the acceleration will not kick in. I see the RPMs going up as I am hitting the gas, but the vehicle is not getting any power to the wheels – I was actually slowing down from my turn inertia. I had my car up to 5,000 rpms, but I was still only going ~25-35 mph. It’s very dangerous if I pull into traffic. I had my vehicle looked at by the dealership. However since there were no codes, they could not find anything wrong. I contacted Nissan customer care and they are not interested in troubleshooting if there are no codes.

If you have recurring problems with your Nissan Murano’s CVT transmission, your vehicle may be a lemon. However, Nissan Muranos are not the only Nissan vehicle model experiencing these recurring problems. Read more about common Nissan CVT transmission problems and your California lemon law rights. If you would like more information, complete the form below to request a free consultation.

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